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Eco Friendly Lunchboxes from Planet Box

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Now, imagine a morning where you are packing a lunch, and you are trying to find the lid to the stained plastic container that quite possibly still smells of garlic sauce from the spaghetti you packed a week ago. Does this ring a bell for anyone? If so, read on.

One of my favorite "life hacks" is from Planet Box, which offers stainless steel lunch boxes, bento style, with coordinating insulated lunch bags. If I could give the inventor of Planet Box a hug I would. These lunch boxes have saved me so much time in the kitchen. I love that they are stainless steel, so no more smelly plastic containers and no more searching for lids that always seem to make a mess. At the end of the day you just toss it into the dishwasher. Lunches look beautiful, they are easy to open and close and the kids love adding the customizable magnets to decorate the top of the lunch box. Everyone is happy.

Planet Box offers 3 styles to choose from: the Rover, the Launch, and the Shuttle. I personally like the Rover the best. If you only buy one, I find I use this one the most. The boxes are pricey (most of the time they are on sale) but these gems save me my sanity in the morning and to me are worth every penny. Our boxes are two years old and still holding strong. One last thing, if you use the Marie Kondo method in your home, you will thank me later. They stack nicely in the cabinet! (You know who you are :-))










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