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Hibiscus Infused Water with Herbs & Citrus

Who says water has to be boring? We love infused water at our house. This one is my daughter's favorite. For added sweetness you can add honey but try it without it. It is quite refreshing and hydrating.


1 tea bag of organic hibiscus tea

2-3 sprigs of your favorite herb (lemon verbena, mint, etc..)

2-4 slices of lemon, lime or citrus

½ cup of berries

Honey to taste (optional)

To Make:

Steep hibiscus tea in 1 cup of hot water

Add herbs and citrus to glass pitcher

Pour hibiscus water in glass pitcher and let sit for 1-2 minutes

Fill pitcher with cold water

Let sit for 1 hour or drink right away

Drop berries in glass and enjoy!

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