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Healthy Trail Mix: On the Go

Super Easy Healthy Trail Mix

Imagine it is early, you are running late through the airport because the security line was super long, and you are starving. There is no time for the executive lounge (if you have been to any of these lately, they are so full and loud I just pass). So, you think just for this trip I will head to see what fast food restaurant has healthy items on the menu. But as usual, the lines are almost as long as the security line. Should you wait and board late or get to the gate and take a few deep breaths before your flight?

Don’t be a sucker for fast food restaurants in the airport. Stress when traveling will tempt you to undo all the healthy eating you have been focused on. I know this because it has happened too me one to many times. Not anymore. Here is a tip that now has become part of my packing routine when I travel.

Make your own trail mix!!!

Simple, easy, and you can always keep this snack in your bag. Our trail mix is basically our favorite nuts and some sort of dried berries. My go to trail mix is Barùkas nuts, goji berries, and sprouted pumpkin seeds.

Barùkas nuts are my newest discovery. After watching Down to Earth with Zach Efron and Darin Olien, I found out about Barùkas nuts and ordered some online here. Let me tell ya, they are delicious. To me, they are a cross between a peanut and almond but without the allergy issue and compared to other nuts one serving is lower in fat calories, contains 6g of all the essential amino acids, and they have 3x the antioxidant power. (If you need a new book to read while traveling or anytime, I recommend SuperLife by Darin Olien, which has an audio version as well. Olien is a positive burst of energy, real, and an advocate for healthy living. He has definitely inspired my husband and me in new and different ways.)

Goji berries add a pop of sweet and provide an excellent source of Vitamin A, which is a fat-soluble vitamin…meaning your body will absorb it better if you eat them with a healthy fat.

Sprouted pumpkin seeds with a touch of sea salt complement the sweet of the goji berries and they provide you with 7g of protein per serving, along with zinc, magnesium and iron.

Play around and mix your favorite nuts and berries. We find online is a great place to buy them. We also get lucky at Costco sometimes. They are currently selling the Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds and Goji berries you see in the pictures. Make sure to read the labels and avoid nuts with added oils and flavors.

What are some of your favorite nuts or trail mix combinations? Have you tried Barùkas nuts yet?

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